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Sushi is a popular Japanese dish that was first introduced to Japan around the 8th century. The intention of sushi was created by Southeast Asians as a means to preserve their fish. They did this by using fermented rice, but sushi had become more modern overtime. Since we use the freshest ingredients available to us, there is no need for fermenting the rice. Instead, vinegar is added to the rice as the base and it can then be made with various ingredients such as fish and vegetables. Sushi had become so well-known and famous that people all over the world are enjoying this popular meal! 



We've experimented with so many different ingredients to create the best and tastiest meal for our customers to enjoy! Sushi is much more than raw fish. We also incorporate ingredients such as cooked tuna, crab meat, fried shrimp, vegetables, and much more for various preferences. Explore our menu to find out more!

Green Tea

Consider drinking green tea when you dine with us! Researchers have discovered that... 


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